Russian-Chinese business meeting "Possibilities of Yanbian-Korean Autonomous Region in Jilin Province of China.

LLC «PR-agency "Babich & Partners» had a PR- support in inviting guests to the Russian-Chinese business meeting, held on Tuesday, 13-th of May, in the «Bohai» restaurant («Equator» hotel): "Opportunities Yanbian Korean Autonomous Region in Jilin Province (China). Organization of trade and economic cooperation with the Russian Federation and working meetings between enterprises of the two countries".

The presentation was organized by the People's Government of Yanbian Korean Autonomous Region, was aimed at strengthening cooperation between the Russian and Chinese enterprises.
Importance of the event was highlighted by the presence of the Vice-Governor of Yanbian Korean Autonomous Region Mr. Gu Jing Shen.

More than 20 representatives of enterprises of Yanbian Korean Autonomous Region were able to discuss the details of cooperation in the field of investment with the Maritime colleagues areas: construction, construction materials, seafood processing, timber, and mining; transportation, logistics, food, etc.

Korean National Yanbian Autonomous Region is located in the place where the borders of three countries - China, Russia and Korea. Length of the border with the Primorsky Territory - 246 kilometers , there are two road border crossing points and one - for air travelers.
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